Play Daily Fantasy Sports Online

So you’ve heard about daily fantasy sports (DFS) and want to play online?

Well, let’s be honest, who hasn’t heard about DFS in 2015?

The industry was in the spotlight in 2014 and we witnessed millions get invested into DFS companies. One thing is for certain; DFS are here to stay and now is the perfect time to jump in. There are a lot of great sites where you can learn how to play daily fantasy sports, including RotoWire, RotoGrinders, and PromoCodeFantasySports. The communities on these sites are massive and surprisingly a lot of other players are helpful.

Where to Play DFS Online?

Interested in knowing what the best daily fantasy sports sites are?

Chances are you’ve heard these two names before, as they’re constantly in mainstream media and news.

• #1 – FanDuel

FanDuel has the largest active player base in daily fantasy sports and therefore offer contests with bigger prize pools. The welcome bonus is on a sliding scale based on the deposited amount ($10-$24 = 30%, $25-$99 = 45%, $100-$199 = 60% & $200+ = 75%).

Leagues start at $1 and payouts are instant. Over $10 million is paid out weekly at FanDuel to winners in over 12,000+ DFS contests across multiple sports. Before you start playing on FanDuel, we recommend looking around for a good promotional code (here’s a good fanduel promo code we found recently). You will then need to register for a new account on, and then just start playing daily fantasy sports online to see how you stack up against the competition.

• #2 – DraftKings

In my opinion DraftKings is just as good as FanDuel and I play on both sites nightly. DraftKings has a 100% bonus for up to $600 that is cleared at the rate of $1 per 100 FPP’s earned, which honestly isn’t great, but just think of the bonus as icing on top of your cake.

You’re not joining DraftKings to arbitrage a bonus – you’re joining to play in DFS contests. Leagues start at $0.25 and while the GPP’s are smaller at DK than FD, they’re still huge. DraftKings has multiple benefits over other DFS sites when it comes to game play also.

What is a Daily Fantasy Sports League?

Fantasy sports aren’t anything new. Millions of people have been playing fantasy sports for decades for real money, but leagues ran the entire season rather than a single day/week. DFS are the new rage, as sports fans can win thousands of dollars in hours.

Want to know how big daily fantasy sports are? Every night in the NBA players have the chance to turn $2 into $10,000 at FD or $2 into $5000 at DK. That’s just a quick example. Basically rather than a season long league you get to play fantasy sports every night.

There are multiple formats, but the most common format is a “salary cap” league. You’ll be given X amount of salary to spend on the required positions for your line-up. All entries have to build a line-up using the same requirements and the highest score wins.

Some daily fantasy sports sites also run contests with different formats. There are “Pickem” contests where you have to pick which player will perform the best out of a group of players plus live snake drafts, which run just like any snake draft you’ve been in.

What Sports Are Available in DFS?

The big DFS sites now offer NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, UFC, CFB and CBB. New sports are added regularly based on demand such as the recent addition of Premier League DFS at DraftKings. The big sites still don’t offer DFS tennis or auto racing yet though.

Your Guide To Fantasy Football Games And Rules

Fantasy football is one of the many fantasy sports that are played throughout the world. It is a game played seasonally. The participants who play in these leagues are basically football fans. They form their own teams and compete with other such teams formed by other players. According to their winnings points are calculated. These points are based on the real life performances of the real players. Now while playing fantasy football there are certain rules and regulations that you have to follow. They are relatively simple enough for anyone to understand.

To begin with a fantasy football league there has to be a minimum of eight teams and a maximum of fourteen teams. There has to be a roster in each team and there must be a total of fifteen players in the squad out of which nine players would play and six players would be available as substitutes. Though this is the normal rule for any fantasy football game but the number and staring position of the players may change from one league to another. Before the league begins the managers has to draft the names of the players who would comprise the roster. These drafts are made live. There is the option of making the draft online too. The players who are named I the draft belong to a particular team which they cannot change during the league. While the season is on you will be the one who will manage the roster. It will be up to you who will start in your team and who will not. You have to keep in mind that the players who will start for your team will be the ones who will earn points for you. If you think that you are not satisfied with your team then you can always buy players or replace them with the help of free agents.

Before you start with the league there are certain other rules that you will have to follow. Firstly you will have to be a registered user. Secondly you must be at least eighteen years so that you can enroll your name for the competition. Once the league starts you will have to construct your team with quarter backs, running backs, wide receivers, tight end, kicker and a defense. You will also have to keep sufficient players as substitutes just in case your main line players are injured. Now you will obviously want to be on the winning side at the end of the game. And that is why you have to make appropriate strategies to defeat the other teams. The basic thing is you have to put your best players forward in the matches so that at the end of the week it is your team who will earn more points than the others. On the basis of the weekly counts if you are ahead of the other teams then you will move on to the next level and will be a step closer to playing the playoffs.

Sit’n’Go Tournament Strategy

Sit and go tournaments have become quite popular online and thousands of poker players compete in them on a daily basis at places like Full Tilt and UltimateBetPoker. Every poker room has sit and go tournaments and they range from single table to multi table tournaments. The most popular sit and go tournament played is the nine player single table tournament where the top three players win money. With only nine players and three players winning money this gives everyone a 33% chance of winning money and good odds for gambling. If you want to practice by playing sit and go tournaments for free, you can try

If you’re just starting to play poker sit and go tournaments then I would suggest that you start with nine player single table tournaments as there fairly easy. The goal is to obviously finish in the top three so that you win money every tournament you play. The following percentages are the payouts for each position.

1st – 50%
2nd – 30%
3rd – 20%

As you can see you make money for the top three positions, but you make more for finishing first then you do for third. You shouldn’t worry about finishing in first or second place until you’re in the top three though as your strategy is to finish in third.

Early Stages

In the early stages of the pocker tournament you want to play fairly loosely. You want to get into cheap pots to see the flop in case you hit a hand. It’s important to try and win some chips in the early stages before the blinds go up too much because they’ll begin to eat you up if you don’t have chips.

Middle Stages

The middle stage of the tournament will settle down quite a bit due to the fact there will only be about six or seven of you left and the blinds will be on the rise. Your hand selection should become firm now and you shouldn’t play marginal hands unless you’re trying to bluff and steal the blinds. This will work sometimes, but don’t do it often. If you aren’t getting any cards in this stage try to stay above 1000 chips and move into the final stages of the tournament.

Final Stages

If you’ve made it to the final stages of the tournament on or Full Tilt and there are four or five players left then you’re getting close to the winnings. If you’re in fourth or fifth place you need to act soon because the blinds will be high and you’ll need chips. Now is the time for you to begin making all-in plays, you’ll either need to get lucky and win the pot if someone calls or everyone will fold and you’ll win the blinds. If you’re in the top three to begin the final stages then your goal is to stay in whatever position you’re in. When you have a monster hand you need to play it, but make your hand selection very firm.

If you make it to the final three you’ve done your job and won money in the tournament. Now you can do whatever you’d like as most hands will be all-in confrontations anyways.

The Basics behind the Concepts of Fantasy Sports

To get to the basics of fantasy sports you must know what the term actually means. This is because a fantasy sport has other names too by which it is known. They are roto, rotisserie and owner stimulation. The names may be different but the thing is the same. And the thing is that it is a game where the players have to act as if they are the owners of the team which will compete against other teams consisting of such participants acting as owners. The game is based on the statistics that real teams or real individuals hold in their real life. The game progresses with the team that has the most common variant that are converted into points which are later totaled and calculated by the manager who builds the team according to the roster. The points in these games are easy to count and are done by a league commissioner. To make the game more realistic it has the options of buying, selling and also signing new players.

Playing fantasy sports has become a hobby to many. It has been estimated that people who are above the age twelve have started to play fantasy sports and their count has risen to a whopping 32 million since then. It has also been observed that people who are in between the age of eighteen to forty nine and having access to the internet also play fantasy sports. The hobby of playing fantasy sports has grown so much that the sports industry are making a profit of around $3-$4 billion annually. Fantasy sports first started in the United States but now it has got a worldwide recognition.

If we go back we will see that fantasy sports first began in the mid 1990s with the advent of the internet. As we know internet makes life easy for us and that is how fantasy sports also had its name. This is because internet made the entry to the world of fantasy sports and also spread its news to everyone else. The players who played online could tabulate their scores more easily and the information was also readily available. But the main rush for playing fantasy sports came when websites were opened for them in 1997. The names of the websites were and Out of these two offered the option of playing fantasy baseball that had the real time and statistics, updated score boards and message boards too. You could play each league with a minimum of $300. In a few years time other media especially the bigger ones also got involved in the fantasy sports. It was who added fantast sports to their list and the beneficial part was that it could be played for free. Later after fantasy sports became popular and started to make significant profits in the sports industry a trade group named Fantasy Sports Trade Association was formed. A survey was made after that and it was seen that people of the age of eighteen and above were the maximum ones who were involved in these fantasy sports and a majority of them were males.

Fantasy Sports Trends That Take Over the World

With the growing age of time it is being observed that fantasy sports are taking over a huge section of the society. Mostly it has been observed that the internet plays a big role in promoting fantasy sports. With the advent of social blogs, messaging, photo sharing the fantasy sports are getting popular day by day. Fantasy sports have become a trend setter for the last few years. A recent count from Fantasy Sports Trade Association has shown that over fifteen million adults in the United States play fantasy sports. As said earlier fantasy sports is gaining popularity day by day. This is because people live their dream by playing these games. The game is such that it allows them to make their own teams, coach them and also manage an entire club. For the sports lovers this is a craze because they get so much engrossed into the game that they think if it is at all possible to really be a part of that club or whatever depending upon the game.

In recent times many social networking sites are being integrated by the fantasy sport sites so that the users can play online if they want to. Also one of the sites has allowed their users to create a profile of their own where they can post videos, photos, write blogs and various other things about the fantasy sports they are fond of and also write reviews of other fantasy sports as well. The main advantage of playing online fantasy sports is that you will be able to see what your fellow competitors are doing and make your plan accordingly. Another site allows their users to manage their teams and play while they are using the internet over their cell phones. It also allows them to give commentaries or act like sports journalists. Some of the sites are still progressing in the field of technology to make the games more realistic. Because of this addiction to fantasy sports many marketers have got the habit of keeping a good relation with the players and also offer long term connection with them. With the help of social networking sites the work for getting people introduced to playing fantasy sports has decreased.

In a recent sports business exchange it was published that playing fantasy sports has affected people in watching television too. The thing is what they play are just a replica of what they see on television. That is why people are getting more and more addicted to playing these fantasy sports because they think that they belong to that group or club. The reason for saying all this is that it shows what fantasy sports has brought to the people. It gives happiness and creates enthusiasm within them just by making their dream come true. This trend of fantasy sports is growing day by day and getting more and more people to get involved in this. Not only the players but also the game developers have to work their way out though the work of the latter is much more difficult. And that says it all. This trend of fantasy sports are here to stay.

The Fun in Playing Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are played by people all over the world there are a number of fantasy sports played by sports fans. There is fantasy football, fantasy basketball and even fantasy basketball. Most of the fantasy sports are based on the kind of sports that are supported by the most people. Football, baseball and basketball are some of the most popular sports in the world. This is why they have the most fantasy leagues. These fantasy sports are organized by various sports websites. Sports channels like ESPN invite people to participate in them through their websites.

When people come together to play fantasy sports, they first group themselves in teams. The teams that they involve themselves with are the ones playing in a league that is currently ongoing. For example, during the FIFA world cup, the fantasy teams in the fantasy soccer would name their teams according to the countries. As the real game goes on, the scores that are gathered in the fantasy game are based on the performance of the real teams. If Brazil scores 3 goals in a game, then the team in the fantasy game also scores three goals. The same applies to all the other fantasy sports.

During the leagues, the sports channels give updates on both the real league and the fantasy league. They do this through the internet. Updates are usually given live as the games are going on. The most interesting thing about this whole idea is that the people who are participating in the fantasy sports follow all updates on both the real games and the fantasy games. At the end of the season, the team that scores the most in real life is also the team that sores the most in the fantasy league. The difference between the real game and the fantasy game is that the number of players in the teams always differs. The number of players in the fantasy game could be more than the number of players in the real game.

The number of players in a team in a fantasy sport is determined by the number of people who have registered to participate in the game. If there are very many people who have registered for fantasy soccer then you will notice that a team could even have twenty players. What they will do is put the rest of the players as substitutes. The players in the fantasy games are always given the names of the players in the real games. Playing fantasy sports is a great way of spending free time. People gather together to have fun and watch sports. Different types of fantasy sports occur at different times of the year when a particular sport is in season. When football season is over, people stop playing fantasy football then they play fantasy basketball if that is what is on season. If you have never played fantasy sports, then you are missing out on a lot of fun. Gather up a few sports fans and participate in one of the ongoing fantasy sports.

The Thrill in Fantasy Basketball

Many people all over the world participate in fantasy sports and fantasy basketball is one of them. When playing fantasy basketball, basketball fans join a particular basketball league which is also a fantasy. They then learn all the rules of the league and after that, they pick real players of the NBA then they make a team. The success of any team drafted on the fantasy league greatly depends on how successful the teams are in the real life NBA. If the team loses in real life, then it also loses in the fantasy league.

Basketball fantasy leagues are like the real leagues only that the people participating in the fantasy leagues are not in the court. They are seated somewhere watching the real game as they draft the scores. The number of teams in the fantasy league is however more than the teams in the real league. This is because the number of teams depends on the number of people who want to participate in the fantasy league, and the more the people, the more the teams. In the fantasy league, some teams have five players. On such leagues, the teams may be required to change its starting lineup every week. In some leagues, there could be a minimum of twelve players in each team. Such teams have a large number of bench positions.

In fantasy basketball, when determining the winners, the statistics of the real game accumulated by the real players are calculated and the points on the fantasy game are based on the points of the real life game. In a league which had twelve teams, the team which scored the most rebounds will get twelve points and the team that follows it will get eleven points. Fantasy basketball is a great game to play. It is like playing the real game. This type of game is a great way of spending free time. It brings friends together during the basketball season and it keeps people aware of the daily scores in each and every game in a certain league.

Fantasy basketball leagues are a major activity. They are also followed online by fans. Certain sports channels have websites dedicated only to fantasy basketball leagues. In these sites, they give constant updates on how each and every team in the fantasy league performed. There are also forums in some of those sites. They discuss the real basketball leagues and the fantasy basketball leagues. These fantasy games are truly a way of life. Some people take it so seriously that if you offend their fantasy team they will be so angry that they will not hesitate to harm you in any way. There are also people who gamble with fantasy basketball. They place real bets while participating in it. If the team that they bet on loses then they pay real money to their opponents. Fantasy basketball is a real game. It is a game of basketball not played on the court. It is one of the best inventions ever since online poker.

NFL: A Giant defense

What wins championships? C’mon, you must know this cliché. That’s right, defense. Of course, a 70-yard hail Mary doesn’t hurt, either, but it’s the defense that stops those big plays and makes things easier for the offense. “Takes the pressure off” is a common term, as if an NFL QB can ever really have that weight removed from his shoulders. But no sport is bigger for gamblers than football (sorry NCAA basketball fans), and to pick those winners each week, you have to know your defenses.

Heading into 2009, everyone has their favorite football betting team. And the Giants are up there on everyone’s list. The Giants? You bet, and here’s why. The line. The Giants have the deepest defensive line in the NFL.

You’ve got guys like Guy Whimper ready to break out and tear it up with the big names at the front. Also, Osi will be back. This is one of the elite DE in the league, one of the guys who improve the performance of everyone else on the line, and forces the way the opposing offenses play to change. It brings the Giants closer to the pass rush that won them the Super Bowl a couple years ago.

OK, I’ll break this up, but it’s all on the same theme. Watch Kenny Phillips light it up this year. He’s one of the most versatile, entertaining, electric safeties New York has seen in decades. What’s even better (and this goes back to my statement of making other players better) is with no visible holes in the rest of the defense, Phillips can be used in a similar manner as Troy Polamalu. Phillips’ sophomore year just might be one of the X-factors that return the Giants to the Super Bowl.

Add to those two solid reasons an improved linebacker group, and you can see why experts, gamblers and fantasy-lovers alike hold the Giants in high regard. Boley, Pierce, Kehl and Clark round out a solid pack with tons of potential. Expect big things out of them this year. And finally, let’s cover the cornerbacks. Webster is reliable with above average skills and decision-making ability, and Ross plays well and should continue to grow.

It’s hard to assume the strength of the Giants defense will translate into a better regular season record than last year’s 12-4. It is likely, however, the defense helps them when it counts, and that’s in the post-season. So keep the G-men at the top of your list when filling out those betting plans every week, they’ll pay off in safe wins if not in massive returns.

Betting Football at the end of the Season

When betting football towards the end of the season on a site like, it is imperative to be mindful of which teams have something to play for. Some teams have more on the line than others do and “need” to win more than other teams do. Knowing who “needs” to win and who is not as desperate for a win is imperative to betting football successfully at the end of the season.

Quite often, football teams that have their playoff destiny wrapped up will rest their starters, as they do not wish to risk injury. When teams such as the Indianapolis Colts rest their key players, the team is not as likely to perform at the level they normally play at. Like it or not, there is a huge difference between Peyton Manning at the helm and Jim Sorge taking the snaps. When Manning is on the bench, it makes sense to avoid betting the Colts. Likewise, when other teams who have home field advantage wrapped up and are resting their starters, it might be a wise choice to avoid betting on them.

When it is close to the end of the season, some teams do not have the luxury of being able to rest their starters, as they are trying to lay claims to a post-season berth. These teams are fighting for a first round bye, or maybe even the wildcard or division title. Every game counts for these teams at the end of the season. When teams who are fighting for their post season life play teams who are mathematically eliminated, it makes sense to realize that the team who is fighting for their future has more to lose and will normally play harder in the football game. They will not rest their starters and will play with energy and desperation. These teams can be bet on with confidence towards the end of the season.

However, when two teams that are still vying for their post-season lives play one another, it is important to utilize the normal means of online sports betting analyzing and handicapping the football game. Bettors should consider who is playing at home, look at the point spread, and examine everything they would normally look at when betting every other football game. In these games, the teams do not have the luxury of resting starters, as they are both fighting for their lives. Thus, neither has the edge in terms of ambition and drive for winning. As a result, the football bettor should assess the game accordingly.

MLB Games for Tuesday

Yankees at Blue Jays: This an interesting matchup solely for the pitchers involved – one pitcher, in particular in Roy Halladay. Due to the Jays’ ridiculously high asking price, it seems Roy won’t be moved before the official trading deadline – though that’s not to say he wouldn’t still clear waivers if another deal comes through at the last minute. But for now, he’s going up against Joba Chamberlain, who’s built a nice 7-2 record behind a good 3.6 ERA and somewhat unimpressive 1.4 WHIP. The best baseball betting wager of the year – Halladay – is still rocking an 11-4 record with 130K’s and an incredible WHIP just over 1, an impressive stat for a starter, indeed. The Yankees are firmly in first place now and more and more are looking like the best team in the AL. How will their .277 team average fare against Roy the ace? I think they’ll do just fine. The Blue Jays will be lucky to get themselves back to .500 this year. In fact, I’d pick the Yankees as a road team upset in this one. It won’t be the popular pick, but by this point either the pressure of being moved or the lack of motivation from remaining where he is will toy with Halladay just a little. And as we all know, it only takes one mistake to change a game. The Yanks have had a great July, and are on a roll in pitching and in hitting. Halladay might just be enough to push the money line to the Jays as the favorite, but it could end up being a pick ‘em at -110 each. Bet the Yankees either way.

Brewers at Dodgers: How about an NL matchup with baseball betting playoff implications? That is if the Brewers can pull themselves back into the Central race. If they can get through this tough patch, they have one of the more favorable schedules the rest of the way through the season, and can still make a run at the division crown. Little-known Yovani Gallardo (3.1 ERA) takes the mound for them, and is 3-5 with only 11 starts this season. The Dodgers offer Hiroki Kuroda, whose 3-5 record is more of a disappointment considering his team’s overall record. The Dodgers have lost a few, probably due to a severe lack of motivation or sense of urgency, and might lose their grip on the best record in the league. But where’s the fire in Milwaukee these days? This is a team that once held first place in the Central and now is looking up at three other teams, and has fallen below .500 on top of it. They seem to be in a free-fall, and are worst in the NL in team ERA, with a batting average (.259) that’s hardly enough to make up for it on the other end. This one will be a blowout, even with a shaky arm going for the home team. Dodgers -165, Brewers +150. The Dodgers are a good bet for the money line, even with the risk of how much you’d have to put up. Also, take the baseball odds over in this one if it’s at 12 or under. I have a feeling there’ll be some runs scored before the dust settles.

Picking the NFC West Division Winner

Even before the start of the NFL Season, I enjoy betting football. Most people think you actually need a football season underway in order to bet football, which is not the case. Many sports betting services have what is known as futures betting, where you can bet on anything from Super Bowl winners to who the division champions are going to be, and even who is going to be the NFL MVP. We are going to look at the NFC West, breaking the division down and finding value in the NFC West Futures market.

NFC West Tale of the Tape

The defending NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals are thought to be the team to beat in this relatively thin division. Finishing 11-5, last season’s conference champions picked up Ohio St running back Chris “Beanie” Wells to play the role of feature running back. The Arizona Cardinals possess what is by far the deepest receiving core in the league, with Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Bolden, and Steve Breaston. Defensively, the Cardinals came alive in the post season. Getting odds of 115, the Cardinals are the favorite to take down the weak NFC West.

A franchise in turmoil, the St. Louis Rams sit at odds of 700. Even in a division as weak as the NFC West, the St. Louis Rams are expected to sit on the bottom of the barrel, and surely they will not disappoint. The team is clearly in the rebuilding stages, but they needed too much work in both the offensive and defensive end of the ball to be competitive. This team is clearly at least a few years out.

The Seattle Seahawks command football betting odds of 210. Seattle has made some nice moves in the off-season to upgrade the talent pool. Defensively, Seattle grabbed up Aaron Currey to sure up the already tough defense. On offense, Seattle added fantasy stud Wide Receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh. Seattle were plagued with injuries the entire season, which was reflected in their 2008-2009 season record; I would not look to Seattle to emerge as division champion – though a distant second place is not out of the question.

The San Francisco 49ers presently command odds of 210. The Niners closed the season on a high note under motivator Mike Singletary. With Coach Singletary’s no nonsense approach and shaking things up, San Fran will be an improved squad, but I believe they are one year away from talking playoffs.

Overall, I foresee the best pick for the NFC West division champion being Arizona. Seattle and San Fran could prove to be formidable sleepers; however, the chalk is right in this Western Division.

The Evolution and Trends in the Football Game in the Past Few Years

Football is one of those games which need no introduction at all. In Europe especially, the game is more than just a game. It is a passion with the players as well as with the locals. There is a football match going on almost everywhere as the crowd cheers widely and heatedly for their favorite teams. People even leave work and students bunk their classes just so that they do not have to miss a game of their favorite team. There have also been several instances where these games have become violent in the past.

The Origination

According to a few documents, football first originated in China. The game had been played with a leather ball which had a small hole in silk cloth. Later, the game became popular even in the other countries. The craziness for football reached its pinnacle in England. Football later become commercial and several clubs like Liver Pool, Aston villa and Manchester United had been formed. Many legendary players have come from such clubs and have left their mark in the history. However, football is not just for men, since the game is equally popular with the ladies. There are also quite a lot of women football teams which are just as professional.

Football for Women

Girl football teams are also quite popular and are widely enjoyed in many parts of the world. Football is a game for the masses and it is not restricted by gender. Almost every parent in Europe today wants their kid to be a good football player. The coaching can begin at an early age. There are several football tournaments for kids which encourage young kids to enjoy the game. Football coaches should be chosen with great care.

In the UK, football coaching has gone through several changes in the last few years. When it comes to kids, the game has become quite serious. There are quite a lot of coaching programs in the countries which teach football to kids from quite a professional stand point. This is also true in the other parts of the world including in the US. The game is taken more seriously today and football coaching has become more of an important professional industry, unlike in the past. The performances of the players are analyzed through charts and graphs and technology is used for strategizing and creating game plans.

Football is a passion and poker star players who love the game give it their all when they are playing the game. There is nothing more exciting than watching players battle each other out on the playground with full commitment and passion. Winning and loosing is a big thing in the game and fans are equally supportive of their favorite players and their teams. The game is so exciting and exhilarating, even for those who are watching it, that almost all football games are jam-packed with fans no matter where the game is played or which teams are playing.

Legal Issues Brought About By Gambling On Fantasy Sports

Since fantasy sports are some of the most popular activities in the world of sports, many people have decided to participate in it. This has increased the number of sites that people use to register so that they can participate in fantasy sports. These sites are usually sponsored by some of the major sports channels especially in the United States. The increase in the number of people who are interested in participating in fantasy sports led to the introduction of gambling in fantasy sports. Just like any other real sport, people visited these sites and placed bets on the fantasy teams that were playing in that fantasy league.

The introduction of gambling came along with many other problems. Some of the people who have participated in gambling on fantasy sports are filing law suits against some leading sports channels such as ESPN and CBS. These people are accusing these sports channels of taking away their money during one of those fantasy sports leagues that they played. Players all over the world pay billions of dollars to participate in these leagues. The accusers are saying that these sites sponsored by these sports channels practice the type of gambling that is illegal. The management of these sports channels insists that their fantasy sports leagues are not guilty of violating any laws that are against gambling. All the ruling on the cases filed against these sports channels were in favor of the sports channels.

The people against the operations of the fantasy sports gamblers are not amused by the fact that these companies usually keep 40-60 percent of all the money paid by the players. They say that it is even more than what the illegal online casinos get. They insist that it is a major rip off to the society. It is said that these companies are busy getting rich by constantly lying to people. The citizens of America who are against all gambling activities think that the gambling operations on those sites should be shut down and the companies should be charged for lying to people.

The problem with such cases that require people to recover the losses made through gambling is that there are too many legal procedures. It may be easier to just shut down the whole operation at large. Banning gambling on fantasy sports is like banning fantasy sports all together. This is a very sad affair because billions of people usually participate in fantasy sports every year. Very many people will be disappointed if this happens. A large number of people will lose their jobs because fantasy sports have become a major recreational activity especially in America. It is unclear whether the government people support this activity or not. Most of the people who are filing law suits against these companies are people who are generally against gambling. If you have never participated in gambling in fantasy sports, register and participate while it is still on. You do not want to have any regrets just in case the activity is banned.